Venezuela: US sanctions prevent paying debt with the UN

CARACAS (HPD) — President Nicolás Maduro asked the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, on Friday to find a way for Venezuela to pay the million-dollar debt it has with the international organization after arguing that US sanctions against the country South American prevent payments.

As a result of its delinquent debt, Venezuela lost its right to vote in the United Nations General Assembly and other instances of the 193-member global body.

In a televised government act, Maduro commented that the day before he was unable to vote in favor of a resolution condemning the US embargo on Cuba because “the sanctions prevent us from having bank accounts to pay our dues, our obligations in the organization of United Nations” as a consequence of the freezing of the assets of the Venezuelan State abroad, he maintained.

In the past, Maduro’s opponents have attributed the delays in the payment of his obligations before the United Nations and other multilateral organizations to the economic crisis that Venezuela has been going through for years.

“We have the right to speak, but we do not have the right to vote,” he stressed. “I have already told António Guterres … that he solve this problem for us” to restore the right to vote, added the president, noting that he has the funds to honor the debt. Maduro did not mention the amount of the debt.

Washington froze all assets of the Venezuelan government in the United States and prohibited Americans and their international partners from doing business with Caracas to pressure Maduro to leave power, arguing that he was elected in 2018 in a fraudulent election.

The Venezuelan president repeatedly says that Venezuela cannot freely acquire the food and medicine that Venezuelans need due to the sanctions promoted by his political opponents who, according to the president, end up blocking payments and preventing Venezuela’s access to the international market.

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