USA: More Cubans and Nicaraguans are detained at the border

SAN DIEGO (HPD) — Illegal border crossings by Cuban and Nicaraguan migrants rose sharply in November, while overall migration flows were little changed from October, U.S. authorities said Friday.

The snapshot is the latest detailed tally of who is crossing the border from Mexico amid preparations to end Trump-era restrictions on asylum.

The United States has denied migrants the opportunity to apply for asylum 2.5 million times since March 2020 under Title 42, a public health rule intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. His application was scheduled to end two days ago, until Chief Justice John Roberts announced a temporary stay.

US authorities made 34,675 arrests of Cubans on the southern border during November, 21% more than the 28,848 arrests in October.

At the same time, 34,209 arrests of Nicaraguans were made, 65% more than the 20,920 arrests in October.

In total, the Customs and Border Protection Office recorded 233,740 encounters with immigrants, 1% more than the 231,294 in October. The most numerous nationality was Mexican, followed by Cuban and Nicaraguan. There were also 11,831 arrests of Ecuadorians, 68% more than the 7,031 arrests in October.

High costs, strained diplomatic relations and other considerations have made it difficult for the Biden administration to use Title 42 with some nationalities, including Cubans and Nicaraguans.

Venezuelans were seen much less after Mexico agreed on October 12 to begin accepting Venezuelan citizens removed from the United States under Title 42. There were 7,931 arrests of Venezuelans in November, 64% less than the October 22,045.

Similarly, there were 5,507 arrests of Russians, 42% more than the 3,879 in October. The vast majority were allowed to enter the United States under Title 42 exemptions in San Diego. The Associated Press reported last week that CBP was issuing 40 waivers a day to a private group to screen people, and that the group was charging Russian-speakers money to help them enter the country.

CBP said Friday that those “who are unable to establish a legal basis to remain in the United States will be promptly removed” once Title 42 ends.

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