US: 3D Printers Expose Gun Buyback Flaw

ALBANY, N.Y. (HPD) — The New York attorney general changed the rules of a firearms buyback program after a participant exploited the system by using a 3D printer to make gun parts that were then traded for $21,000.

The seller, who identified himself by a pseudonym, said he traveled from West Virginia to an Aug. 27 gun buyback event in Utica, New York, to take advantage of a loophole in the program — and to show that buybacks are futile in an age of printable weapons.

At the buyback event, the individual handed over 60 auto sears, small devices that can turn a regular firearm into an automatic weapon. Under the buyback rules, sponsored by Attorney General Letitia James’s office and city police, that entitles the seller to $350 for each piece printed, including a $100 premium because they were deemed “ghost weapons.” ”, due to lack of serial number.

The seller, who declined to give his name, told The Associated Press in an email Monday that the prospect of making money was enticing, but his reason was to send a message.

He said the idea of ​​buybacks is “ridiculously stupid” and that “the people who run that event are terribly ignorant about guns, gun violence and gun laws.”

James’ office said it responded by giving staff at buybacks more discretion in determining the value of guns that are turned in and setting a standard that all printed guns accepted by the program must be able to fire at least once.

The new rules went into effect Sept. 17, when James’ office held a buyback event in Camillus, a Syracuse suburb.

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