Trump to make ‘big announcement’ on November 15

WASHINGTON (HPD) — Former President Donald Trump said Monday he will make a “big announcement” next week in Florida as he flirts with the possibility of a third presidential bid on the final day of campaigning before the midterm elections.

“I’m going to make a big announcement on Tuesday, November 15 at Mar-a-Lago,” Trump told a cheering crowd in Vandalia, Ohio, on Monday night, where he was holding his last rally of the election season. to support Senate candidate JD Vance.

Trump explained that “we don’t want anything to downplay tomorrow,” even after he had unleashed an enormous effort to contain it after he had told supporters that he was considering officially launching his next campaign during Monday night’s event. .

Trump has been increasingly explicit about his plans to launch a third presidential campaign, saying in recent days that he would “very, very, very likely” run again and formalize his intentions “very, very soon.”

“I’ll probably have to do it again, but stay tuned,” he said Sunday night in Miami. “Stay tuned tomorrow night in the great state of Ohio.”

Republican officials and others close to Trump had been asking him for months to wait until after the midterm elections to launch his campaign, in part to prevent the election from turning into a referendum on him and to protect him from any blame in case Republicans don’t have the results they expect on Tuesday.

But Trump has been eager to carry on, hoping to build on expected GOP gains after voicing support for nearly 300 candidates, as well as to fend off potential rivals like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and others who have indicated they will run for president. . In fact, the date of Trump’s announcement, November 15, coincides with the day that former Vice President Mike Pence will present his libreo, which is considered part of his own presidential campaign.

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