They approve same-sex marriage in the State of Mexico

MEXICO CITY (HPD) — Amid rainbow flags and applause, the majority of the Congress of the State of Mexico approved same-sex marriage on Tuesday, thus becoming the 29th state to authorize same-sex unions.

With 50 votes in favor, 16 against and seven abstentions, the Congress of the State of Mexico, neighboring the Mexican capital, approved equal marriage, which will lead to the reform of the Civil Code. The congressmen also authorized the recognition of equal concubinage.

To date, 29 of Mexico’s 32 states allow same-sex unions.

“Most of the deputies of the LXI Legislature respond to a sector of the population that has been humiliated for years, whose rights have been ignored, whose dignity has been offended, their identity denied and their freedom repressed,” he told the press the deputy Anaís Burgos when celebrating the approval of the initiative that according to the organizations of the LGBT community was fought for more than a decade in that state.

Congress in the northwestern state of Durango approved a similar reform last month after the state government issued a decree to allow civil unions regardless of gender.

In 2015, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation declared that the state laws that prevented same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, but some states such as Tamaulipas, Tabasco and Guerrero have not yet modified their legislation.

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