The Pope at Christmas: Let us remember that Jesus was born poor

VATICAN CITY (HPD) — Pope Francis, on the occasion of Christmas, recalled that Jesus was born in a stable and criticized those “thirsty” to accumulate wealth and power at the expense of the poor.

In his homily at St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis presided over a mass attended by some 7,000 faithful, including tourists and pilgrims.

The pontiff asked to learn lessons from the humility of Jesus who was born poor in a manger.

“While animals feed in their confinements, men and women in our world, in their thirst for wealth and power, consume even their neighbors, their brothers and sisters,” lamented the pope.

“How many wars have we seen! And in how many places, even today, human dignity and freedom are treated with disdain!”

“As always, the main victims of this human greed are the weak and the vulnerable,” said Francisco, who did not mention any particular conflict or situation.

“This Christmas too, just as it happened with Jesus, a world thirsty for money, power and pleasure makes no room for the little ones, the unborn, the poor and forgotten children,” the pope continued in a voice that sounded somewhat weak or tired “I am thinking above all of the children devoured by war, poverty and injustice.”

Even so, the pontiff encouraged everyone not to lose hope.

“Do not be overwhelmed by fear, resignation or discouragement,” the pope said.

He added that the fact that Jesus was born in a manger reflects where “the true riches of life lie: not in money or power but in relationships and people.”

“Dear brothers, dear sisters, at Christmas, let us remember that God is poor. May charity be reborn,” the pope said, calling on those present to “not allow this Christmas to pass without doing a good deed.”

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