Report: 2 missing after avalanche in Austria

FRANKFURT, Germany (HPD) — Rescue teams were searching for two people missing after an avalanche swept through some ski slopes in western Austria on Sunday, the dpa news agency reported.

It was initially feared that up to 10 people were missing based on eyewitness video, but eight of them had been identified and were no longer feared buried, a spokesman for the rescue team was quoted as saying by dpa.

Some 200 rescue workers were involved in the search outside the town of Zuers.

The avalanche occurred at about 3 pm on Mount Trittkopf, a 2,700-meter (almost 9,000-foot) mountain between Zuers and Lech am Arlberg. The snow moved so much that it covered nearby ski slopes.

The avalanche followed several days of snowfall in the alpine region and unusually warm weather at Christmas. The emergency service had described the risk of avalanches in the area as “high”.

Search teams set up reflectors in the snow so they could continue searching after dark, and dogs were used to help find missing people.

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