Released detainees for inciting violence against CFK

BUENOS AIRES (HPD) — A federal court in Argentina ordered Tuesday the release of four members of a right-wing group that gained notoriety for its violent expressions on social networks and street demonstrations against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner just before the failed attack in front of the at home in September.

Jonathan Morel, Leonardo Sosa, Sabrina Basile and Gastón Guerra, who are part of the Federal Revolution, had been arrested on October 20 for alleged incitement to violence in a case parallel to the one investigating the assassination attempt against the former president (2007- 2015).

“After studying the actions, we can conclude that there are not enough procedural risks that allow us to maintain the measure of personal coercion ordered by the judge of degree”, resolved the three members of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires.

The four involved will remain free for the duration of the investigation.

“Federal Revolution”, which does not define itself as a politician and feels akin to the economic liberalism advocated by the most conservative right, was the architect in August of the so-called March of Torches in front of the Casa Rosada and under the slogan “jail or bullet” to the government of Peronist president Alberto Fernández and the sector led by Fernández de Kirchner, the participants threw lit torches on the fences that surround the government headquarters.

The group led by Morel and Sosa, 23, also has a strong presence on social networks, where it fires its darts against the political class and particularly against Kirchnerism, which it calls corrupt and incapable.

The group gained public notoriety after it was confirmed that one of those detained for the assassination attempt against the vice president on September 1, the young Brenda Uliarte, participated in the August protest in front of the government palace.

However, justice for the moment has not found evidence linking the Federal Revolution with the attack against Fernández de Kirchner and the investigation focuses on their methods of protest and financing.

In contrast, the lawyers representing the vice president have requested the unification of both legal cases.

Federal judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi, in charge of the investigation, has put the magnifying glass on the “Espacio Añelo” and “Santa Clara del Sur” trusts that would belong to the company “Caputo Hermanos”, of the brothers of Luis Caputo, former minister of Finance of the government of President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), one of the opponents of Kirchnerism.

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