Police say stolen car traveling 95 mph on Battleground Avenue was linked to crash

Greensboro – FOX8 has been told that one of the cars involved in the accident was stolen from Capital Ford Rocky Mount, two hours east of Greensboro.

According to the second driver, he heard a loud boom and then he wakes up in an ambulance.

“There is no reason to be mad. David Moore stated, “I’m blessed to just be alive.”

The 81 year-old drove his black 2014 Corvette, which he loves to drive to Biscuitville for breakfast Friday morning.

Moore stated, “All of a sudden the lights went out and I went outside.” Moore said, “I wanted to find out who hit me.” I was hit by a car. A truck? A train? “What hit me?”

According to Greensboro police, the driver that hit Moore was driving a 2022 BMW at 95 mph along Battleground Avenue.

The speed limit for 35 mph is

Moore stated, “He hit me and he could’ve killed me,”

Unidentified driver lost control and crashed into Moore’s BMW. Moore was thrown into the back of Moore’s BMW and he crashed into a utility pole.

The road still has pieces of the skid marks and broken poles.

Moore’s Corvette’s back is shredded and the wheel well is broken, with bits of the Green BMW still inside.

Moore stated, “There’s nothing I want people do but to be on their ps and qs because they’re insane.”

FOX8 reached out the Greensboro Police Department to get an update from the lead investigators.

According to a spokesperson, officers saw an increase in vehicle thefts this past year. They are up by 8% over last year.

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