Poland erects temporary fence on border with Kaliningrad

WARSAW, Poland (HPD) — Poland’s defense minister announced Wednesday that he has ordered the construction of a temporary barrier along the border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

The move comes as Warsaw suspects Russia is planning to facilitate illegal border crossings by migrants from Asia and Africa.

For Poland to feel safe, the border must be protected, Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said, adding that he had authorized the construction of a temporary fence along the 210-kilometre (130-mile) border. Work will begin on Wednesday.

The border between Poland and Belarus became the scene of a major migration crisis last year, with a large number of illegal entries into the European Union nation. Poland put up a steel wall on that border that was completed in June.

Leaders of Poland and other bloc countries accused the Belarusian government, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, of orchestrating the crisis to create chaos and division within the EU.

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