Peru prepares reparations for families killed in protests

LIMA (HPD) — The Peruvian government is preparing reparations or support for the relatives of those killed in the protests following the removal of President Pedro Castillo, Peruvian Justice and Human Rights Minister José Tello announced Saturday. The government has reported 27 deaths in the seizure.

Tello explained that he will form a multisectoral commission “to see the issue of reparations or solidarity support that we are going to give to the bereaved” at the request of President Dina Boluarte, who succeeded Castillo, and the Prime Minister, Alberto Otárola, former Minister of Defense. by the armed forces.

He specified that the commission, which will meet on Tuesday, will include representatives of different ministries and civil society organizations, such as the National Human Rights Coordinator, and two representatives of the victims.

The compensation seeks “in some way to mitigate because a human life is priceless, it is only to mitigate a little some need,” Tello argued.

In a long televised message for Christmas, Boluarte once again lamented the deaths at the beginning of his government and asked the citizens who want to protest to do so peacefully and not allow themselves to be “used” by “groups that seek to generate violence in the country”.

The protests, which have left 27 dead and hundreds injured, broke out after Castillo was removed from the presidency by Congress after trying to dissolve parliament with a television message.

The ex-governor was arrested and remains in prison in Lima while the authorities investigate him for alleged rebellion and conspiracy. The demonstrators demand new elections, the closure of Congress and the resignation of Boluarte. Those closest to Castillo also demand that he be released.

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