Peru: Military recovers gas plant seized in protests

LIMA (HPD) — Peru’s armed forces recaptured a gas pumping plant in the southern Cusco region on Sunday that had been taken over by anti-government protesters 12 days ago.

“A contingent of the integrated forces of the 33rd Infantry Brigade of the VRAEM Special Command and of the Peruvian National Police managed to vacate the TGP gas compression plant that remained illegally occupied by more than a hundred people,” reported the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of the Andean country in a statement.

According to the armed forces, two people were injured in the confrontation, who were released after receiving medical attention.

The demonstrators had taken over the plant in protest of the removal of President Pedro Castillo and the assumption of Dina Boluarte in the government. The upheaval in Peru due to this political crisis has so far left 27 dead and hundreds injured in various regions.

The Joint Command indicated that “despite the hostile attitude shown by the protesters, law enforcement managed to control the situation without causing damage to civilian, military, or police personnel,” or “to the sensitive infrastructure of this critical asset. ”.

He denied that the confrontation had left gunshot wounds, something that was stated in videos broadcast on social networks, and alleged that such publications seek to incite violence.

In the recovered place, they were at the Segakiato gas pumping stations in the Kumpirushiato district, in the Cusco province of La Convención, about 1,020.5 kilometers from Lima, in a jungle area, where the protesters have not given the government truce, as they have made social leaders from other towns in the Andean country for the year-end festivities.

The Regional Health Directorate reported that it treated two injured in that confrontation —a 45-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man— who were polycontused and were under observation for three hours at a local health center and were later released and stable.

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