Peru: Lawmakers enter offices for corruption case

LIMA (HPD) — The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office entered the offices and homes of six legislators on Tuesday, as well as the house of a sister of President Pedro Castillo, and arrested five officials close to the president in the midst of an investigation for alleged organized crime. and corruption.

Prosecutors are investigating whether the opposition legislators, from the Popular Action party, obtained benefits in exchange for supporting the government. In an operation, members of the Prosecutor’s Office and the police arrested five other former advisers to the president involved in the investigation at their homes.

The president indicated on Twitter that the prosecution had entered the house of one of his sisters in a popular neighborhood of Lima, where his mother was. “I hold the National Prosecutor’s Office responsible for the health of my mother,” said Castillo, who described the act as “abusive.”

The president accumulates six preliminary investigations by the prosecution. Five are for alleged crimes of corruption and for allegedly being the leader of a criminal organization made up of relatives and officials. He has yet another inquiry of course plagiarism from his master’s thesis.

Castillo denies all the accusations, but when he attends the prosecutor’s interrogations he accepts his right to silence, he asks that the investigative acts be exhausted, that all the evidence be collected so that with all the information he returns to testify.

The president cannot be accused before a judge because the Peruvian Constitution says that this only happens in case of treason against the country, dissolution of parliament for cases other than those allowed or not calling elections. If arguments accumulate, the attorney general must wait until Castillo completes his term before Congress allows him to stand trial.

Castillo’s government began in 2021 and is scheduled to end on July 28, 2026.

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