Peru: Chancellor will be interpellated for Castillo’s speech at the UN

LIMA (HPD) — The Peruvian Congress approved on Thursday to challenge Foreign Minister César Landa for the speech read by President Pedro Castillo three weeks ago at the recent United Nations General Assembly.

The text of the interpellation motion, obtained by The Associated Press, indicates that Castillo’s speech weakened relations with Russia, Israel, the United Kingdom and Morocco. He also points out that in his international interventions, Castillo has seriously affected “the national dignity and morals of Peru” because, he indicates, the president has affirmed that “corruption prevails” in the South American nation.

Peru is a country where almost all of its former presidents are being investigated, tried or punished for corruption. Even Castillo, who has governed since 2021, has five preliminary tax investigations for alleged corruption. According to the comptroller, in 2021 there were 7,740 officials who committed alleged acts of corruption and caused losses of 625 million dollars.

In his speech before the UN, Castillo condemned the Russian war in Ukraine, announced the creation of a diplomatic representation in Palestine, indicated that he supports the right to self-determination of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic and defended Peru’s historical position of supporting Argentina in the Falkland Islands issue.

The interpellation request was approved with 58 votes in favor, 46 against and 6 abstentions. Foreign Minister Landa is due to attend on Friday, October 21, when he returns from an official trip that includes a visit to Europe and a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Last week, Congress did not grant Castillo permission to travel with the foreign minister.

Landa later said on Twitter that he will go to parliament “to answer the questions raised – this time – in the interpellation document, explaining again Peru’s foreign policy and the work of the Foreign Ministry.”

Congress has twice tried to remove Castillo, who has been in office for more than 14 months, but has failed to obtain the necessary 87 votes. Castillo’s term is scheduled to end on July 28, 2026.

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