Peru: Boluarte wants to go to seek international support

LIMA (HPD) — Peruvian President Dina Boluarte wants to go to other countries to gather international support and clarify doubts about her rise to government after the removal of her predecessor Pedro Castillo, Foreign Minister Ana Gervasi explained Tuesday.

A first destination Boluarte is considering is Brazil for the inauguration of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on January 1, but he requires permission from the Peruvian Congress to travel.

“It is an extremely important occasion for the president to personally carry the message of democratic and constitutional normality that is lived in Peru and exercise presidential diplomacy, which is important,” Gervasi told the official Andina news agency about the intention of the Peruvian president to leave for Brazil.

Boluarte assumed the government after Castillo, who had been president since 2021, was removed by Congress after trying to dissolve it with a television message on December 7. The current president was vice president and she was elected on the same list with her predecessor. The legislators swore her in because she was the successor provided for in the Constitution.

Castillo was arrested and is in jail while authorities investigate him for alleged rebellion and conspiracy. These events sparked protests in Peru, which have left 27 dead and hundreds injured. The demonstrators demand new elections, the closure of Congress and the resignation of Boluarte. Castillo’s supporters demand his release.

Gervasi stressed that the trip to Brazil will help “to set aside certain doubts that some countries may have regarding what happened constitutionally in Peru.” With this output, he explained, Boluarte seeks to give other countries a political message that work continues in Peru and “we are in a constitutional democratic normality.”

To leave the country, Boluarte must figure out who will be in charge of his office in his absence. The Constitution gives that role to the vice president, but at this time there is none. Given this, he presented a project for the president of Congress to assume this task, an initiative that generates controversy and fuels suspicions that there are prior agreements with a legislative sector.

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