Man admits setting fire to police car in protest of Floyd

PHILADELPHIA (HPD) — A man has pleaded guilty to setting fire to a police cruiser during protests in Philadelphia over the death of George Floyd.

Carlos Matchett, 32, of Atlantic City, New Jersey, pleaded guilty Friday to obstructing law enforcement during an episode of public disorder and traveling to incite a riot, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

In exchange for admitting the charges, the prosecution agreed to dismiss the arson charges, which would have required him to spend a minimum of seven years in prison.

Matchett, who will be sentenced in February, is the fourth person to admit to setting police cars on fire during protests outside Philadelphia City Hall in May 2020. He was also indicted for a protest in Atlantic City the next day that started peacefully but ended with violence. vandalism.

According to the file, the police arrested

Carlos Matchett at the protest site in New Jersey with a knife, an ax and a jug of what appeared to be gasoline.

Authorities say Matchett had a social media account with the words “LET’S START A RIOT” and a video calling people to come into a store.

Matchett admitted in court to pouring gasoline on and setting fire to an overturned police cruiser in Philadelphia. He further admitted to livestreaming his activities to encourage others to loot in Atlantic City.

Three other people remain charged with setting police vehicles on fire in Philadelphia during the protest. Two of them have not yet been prosecuted and only one awaits sentencing.

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