Judge who denounced being criminalized leaves Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY (HPD) — Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez, recognized for sending the late former dictator José Efraín Ríos Montt to trial for genocide, left Guatemala on Friday in the midst of a judicial process against him that seeks to withdraw his immunity from being tried. for its anti-corruption rulings and against crimes against humanity.

Although the judge denied to The Associated Press that he had left the country, both the National Migration Institute and a person close to the magistrate who asked not to be summoned because he was not authorized to speak confirmed his departure from Guatemala. The judge left on Friday at 6 in the morning for Costa Rica. Gálvez, on the other hand, said that he is on his vacation period since October 2.

The magistrate was scheduled to attend a hearing against him on Friday with Judge Roaldo Isaías Chávez, who is investigating him and who will submit a report to the Supreme Court of Justice to determine whether or not his immunity should be withdrawn. Gálvez, who had denounced being criminalized for his previous rulings against corruption, was absent from the hearing, justifying that it was not public.

“I am analyzing the actions to take in the case, I am going to face the process,” Gálvez assured the HPD.

During the administration of Alejandro Giammattei, more than 30 justice operators including judges, magistrates and former prosecutors have left the country in exile after denouncing that they are being criminally persecuted by the Public Ministry for their anti-corruption investigations. The prosecution has denied the accusations.

The United States Department of State, US congressmen, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and dozens of national and international human rights organizations have denounced and rejected the criminalization of justice operators in Guatemala, including the complaint against Gálvez.

The Foundation Against Terrorism, an organization aligned with the extreme right that accompanies and defends soldiers accused of war crimes, denounced Gálvez because he allegedly exceeded himself by imposing preventive detention on people prosecuted in five different cases. The complaint was admitted for processing and accompanied by the Public Ministry, which requested that the judge’s immunity be withdrawn, despite the fact that Gálvez was not the judge in three of those cases.

Gálvez has denounced that he is being incriminated for having learned about the case called Diario Militar, a file that contains information on the torture, execution and disappearance of more than 100 people, including trade unionists, professionals and students -some minors- during the war in Guatemala. between 1960 and 1996. Gálvez imprisoned ten former police officers and civilians accused in the case.

The judge also sentenced former president General Otto Pérez Molina, accused of corruption for a millionaire customs fraud in 2015, who resigned from office along with his cabinet.

International organizations and countries such as the United States or the European Union have spoken out for the weakening of the rule of law and democracy in Guatemala. The United States has withdrawn the visa to enter its territory for both Attorney General Consuelo Porras and the president of the foundation that denounced Judge Gálvez.

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