Jennifer López returns to work and shares the valuable advice she has given her children

She is one of the most admired women in the world, but she is also a mother, a businesswoman and passionate about her culture, reaping success at every step.

And after their lavish nuptials with the actor and producer Ben Affleck, Jennifer López reappeared in public to resume his work and begin her new stage as a married woman.

Y just as it did in 2021the Bronx-born has met in Los Angeles with Hispanic businesswomen to share their experiences and motivate them as they make their way in the business world.

“What I saw growing up (in the Bronx) is that it was very, very difficult for people like slow-income Latinos, especially women, having access to capital [de inversión]”, expressed JLO from the stage of the Universal studios, during the talk Raising Latina Voices.

Accompanied by Andrea Jung, president, and CEO of the Grameen America organization, and in front of some 400 Hispanic businesswomen, JLO lamented that Hispanics continue to occupy an underprivileged position when it comes to obtaining support for their companies.

“We continue to have a 60% less chance of receiving loans from national banks and that is fundamentally unfair, anti-American and makes the promise of the American Dream partially empty,” said the star of Puerto Rican blood.

“Today I want to make sure that I make that promise to everyone in this country by making sure that people who look like me or come from places like I come from have the same opportunities,” he said, speaking of the initiative that coincides with the celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month.

JLO took the opportunity to take a selfie with the approximately 400 businesswomen who gathered at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, CA:

Jennifer Lopez Joins Grameen America’s “Raising Latina Voices” To Kick-off Hispanic Heritage Month Presented By Bank Of The West With Support From Meta

The Bronx Diva (left) dazzled by appearing dressed all in white with an outfit from the Italian brand Fendi next to Andrea Jungpresident and CEO of the Grameen America organization,

“Never give up,” JLO said at the event. “Listen but be strong. Be kind but determined, Generous but firm, be open but limit yourself. Above all: be honest,” she invited.

“The best advice I can give my children,” concluded the ex of Marc Anthony and mother of his twin sons, Emme and Max Muñizage 14, “is that you can be who you think you can be. Find that within yourself and don’t give up. Learn from other people who have done well, and then take those ideas and refine them and make them your own.” . Y listen to your parentswho aren’t as clueless as they seem when you’re 14.”

Along with his charitable project, called Limitless Labs, López join Grameen America to channel $14 billion dollars in investment capital that will be awarded to 600,000 Hispanic entrepreneurs in 50 cities in the United States.

In addition, the initiative includes 6 million hours of financial education and training that will be provided to these women to help them in their businesses between now and 2030.

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