Indiana man sentenced for starving his son

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (HPD) — An Indiana man has been sentenced to 65 years in prison for physically abusing his 12-year-old son and starving him to death.

Monroe Circuit Judge Christine Talley Haseman said Friday that nothing could justify the physical abuse and withholding of food and water that Luis Eduardo Posso Jr. inflicted on his son.

Before issuing his ruling, Haseman detailed the brutal treatment Eduardo Posso endured and showed photographs of the boy taken just a few years apart.

At the time of his death in 2019, Eduardo was the size of a typical four-year-old and had been beaten, slapped, kicked, electrocuted with a dog collar and chained by his father and stepmother, according to Haseman.

Posso’s behavior was “incomprehensible, appalling and cruel,” he said.

Posso pleaded guilty to murder in June, and prosecutors agreed not to seek life in prison without parole, in addition to dismissing charges of negligence, criminal confinement and assault.

His wife, Dayana Medina Flores, pleaded guilty to murder and received the same sentence in 2021 linked to the death of her stepson.

The Herald-Times reported that people sentenced to the maximum prison term of 65 years for murder in Indiana typically serve three-quarters of their sentence, about 49 years.

Posso’s attorney, public defender Kyle Duffer, said he will appeal the judge’s sentence.

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