IACHR will return to analyze the situation in Peru in January

LIMA (HPD) — A mission from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will return to Peru in January to finish its assessment of the country’s situation after the upheaval that broke out after the removal of President Pedro Castillo that left 27 dead and hundreds injured.

“Peru has formalized an invitation to a high-level mission of the IACHR so that, based on the work carried out in the technical visit from December 20 to 22, it completes its work with the full collaboration of the Peruvian authorities,” it published on Tuesday. the chancellery

He added that this mission will visit Peru on a date in January to be defined by both parties.

A delegation from the IACHR evaluated the political and social crisis last week. Last Thursday he met with Castillo in the prison that houses him in Lima and later with his relatives. He was also with President Dina Boluarte, who succeeded Castillo; the Ombudsman, representatives of human rights organizations, the president of Congress, governors, military chiefs and relatives of the deceased.

Castillo has filed a precautionary measure with the IACHR alleging that there were irregularities in his arrest. His lawyer, Wilfredo Robles, has expressed concern about an alleged delay on the part of the IACHR in addressing that appeal.

The protests in Peru sparked after Castillo was removed from the presidency by Congress after trying to dissolve Parliament. The ex-governor was arrested and remains in prison while the authorities investigate him for alleged rebellion and conspiracy. The demonstrators demand new elections, the closure of Congress and the resignation of Boluarte. Those closest to Castillo also demand that he be released.

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