German politician ‘danced’ on top of Holocaust memorial

BERLIN (HPD) — The Israeli ambassador to Berlin on Tuesday sharply criticized an Alternative for Germany member for apparently dancing on top of the country’s Holocaust memorial.

Far-right politician Holger Winterstein “has brought shame on himself and his party,” Ambassador Ron Prosor tweeted.

An image shared on social media showed Winterstein posing with his arms outstretched on the stone blocks of the Berlin memorial to the more than 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

The image was taken after a protest organized by Alternative for Germany on Saturday, according to German media.

The party, known by its German acronym AfD, said it would take action against Winterstein for his “extremely disrespectful behaviour”.

Winterstein is a county representative in Thuringia.

The party’s leader in the state, Bjoern Hoecke, in 2018 described the Holocaust memorial as a “monument of shame” and called for Germany to make a “180-degree turn” in the way it remembers its past. A party court then rejected a request to expel him.

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