GB denounces disappearance of asylum-seeking children

LONDON (HPD) — Opposition parties and child protection organizations accused the British government on Tuesday of endangering vulnerable young people, after authorities said dozens of children who came to Britain as applicants asylum have disappeared.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick told lawmakers that more than 200 children and adolescents under the age of 18 had disappeared from government-sanctioned accommodation. He said that the majority were male adolescents from Albania.

Labor Party lawmaker Peter Kyle said 76 children had gone missing from a hotel in the south coast city of Brighton, one of several hotels across the country where unaccompanied children are temporarily housed.

The Observer newspaper this week quoted child protection sources and an unidentified informant working for a government contractor as saying dozens of youngsters had been abducted off the street outside a Brighton hotel and thrown into cars. .

“The uncomfortable reality for us is that if even one child related to anyone in this room went missing, the world would stop,” Kyle said in the House of Commons. “But in the community that I represent, one child has disappeared, then five disappeared, then a dozen disappeared, then 50 disappeared and currently 76 have disappeared and nothing happens.”

Labor spokeswoman for Immigration, Yvette Cooper, accused the government of “a complete neglect of functions that is putting children at risk.”

Rachel de Souza, England’s children’s commissioner, said reports of children missing from hotels “have once again highlighted the vulnerability of these children, who are in limbo with a group of people determined to exploit them. ”

“I am concerned about the safety of this group of children whose vulnerability is exacerbated by not speaking English, many of whom do not have a support network and are unaware of their rights,” she said in a letter to the Ministry of the Interior.

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