Former Argentine President Macri undergoing urological operation

BUENOS AIRES (HPD) — Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri underwent a urological operation Tuesday at a Buenos Aires sanatorium from which he is recovering well.

Macri -a conservative who governed between 2015 and 2019- is admitted to the Trinidad Sanatorium after the minor intervention that was scheduled and from which he is recovering satisfactorily, the La Trinidad clinic, where the intervention took place, reported in a statement.

The sanatorium and relatives of the former president did not give more details about the condition that caused the operation.

The former president’s last hospitalization was in 2020, when a polyp in the large intestine was removed. Three years earlier, during his presidency, he underwent surgery on his right knee.

Macri’s scheduled operation occurred a week before the presentation and release of his new book, “Why”, in which he recounts his experiences as leader of the Boca Juniors soccer club, mayor of Buenos Aires and later president from Argentina.

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