Fernández willing to sue “Big Brother” contestant

BUENOS AIRES (HPD) — Argentine President Alberto Fernández will initiate legal proceedings against one of the participants in the “Big Brother” program broadcast by a local television channel if he does not retract his statements in which he implicated the president in acts of corruption. .

Gregorio Dalbón, the president’s lawyer, indicated Thursday on his Twitter account that Fernández instructed him to sue Walter Santiago, nicknamed “Alfa” in the program with a large audience, and also the Telefe television network in case the complaints persist. “insults” against him.

Santiago, 60, said during a chat with several colleagues from the house where they all live that the Argentine president had been involved in corrupt acts that he did not specify.

“I have known Alberto Fernández for 35 years. Fernández bribed me a lot of times. I know him very well… there are many politicians who have attached themselves to power and have made fortunes with politics,” said “Alfa” -without giving further details-, who claims to be in the business of buying and selling cars. The man did not specify whether the president had asked him for a specific sum of money to grant him a favor in return.

In his presentation video to participate in the program, the man maintained that “no one ever sent me or told me what I had to do and no one at home is going to tell me what I have to do.”

The presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti said on her Twitter account that Fernández “made transparency a central purpose of her management in the public service” and rejected before journalists the criticism she received from the opposition for having addressed several questions to the participant since the day before. of the television program when there are other problems in Argentina such as rapid inflation, poverty and unemployment.

“It strikes me that people who are always willing to give lessons on what to do on the networks believe that we don’t have to pay attention to what happens in a program of mass interest,” Cerruti said.

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