EU leaders avoid split over gas price cap

BRUSSELS (HPD) — European Union leaders scrambled Friday to find immediate practical solutions on how to deal with the energy crisis, but avoided an open rift between Germany and France that would have exposed a divided bloc at a time when confronts Russian President Vladimir Putin over the war in Ukraine.

After all-day talks in Brussels stretched into the night, the 27 EU country leaders glossed over divisions among some of the largest member states and at least agreed to continue working on ways to impose a price cap. of gas in the event of large increases in prices.

French President Emmanuel Macron highlighted his work with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to create a semblance of unity after talks began early Thursday. He said that, together with close technical advisers, “I will see Chancellor Scholz in Paris next week so that we can move forward, with our teams, on all issues.”

Scholz said the main problem was controlling “surges” in gas operations that can last only a few hours but still cause excessive price increases. He said countermeasures should be further examined.

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