Ecuador: Reported Explosive Attack on Police Barracks

QUITO (HPD) — An attack with explosives was recorded on Friday at the Huaquillas police station, on the border between Ecuador and Peru, leaving no victims, less than a week after the bullet attack on another detachment and in the midst of a growing wave of violence unleashed by gangs linked to organized crime, police said.

The explosion caused damage to the facilities of that police station, where the agents found a message signed by a gang called the Peches that says “we are going to kill the colonel if they do not release my people,” according to a police report delivered to the press. .

That population is located on the same border line with Peru, where the authorities have detected dozens of illegal crossings of contraband merchandise, fuel, weapons and drugs, controlled by mafias that often confront both the police and the army deployed in that area, according to authorities.

This action comes five days after a critically ill police officer received at least half a dozen large-caliber projectiles at a police station in the populous La Prosperina neighborhood in Guayaquil, 370 kilometers southwest of the capital, considered a violent zone controlled by drug mafias.

Some areas of Ecuador, especially Guayaquil, and neighboring Durán and Sanborondón, according to the police, register daily murders caused by disputes between mafias, which also clash inside prisons throughout the country for control of areas and drug distribution routes, nationally and internationally.

So far this month there have been two violent riots in two state prisons with a balance of 29 prisoners killed, the last of them in Guayaquil, where dozens of people were also injured, which the authorities attribute to disputes over control of drug trafficking.

According to figures from the Service for the Attention of Persons Deprived of Liberty, last year 316 inmates were killed by their colleagues, while so far this year there have been at least 106 fatalities.

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