Ecuador: New minor volcano eruption in the Amazon

QUITO (HPD) — The Sangay volcano, which has been active for three years in Ecuador, generated a minor eruption on Friday, launching a two-kilometer-high cloud over the crater of the colossus, while the authorities issued an alert of possible ash fall in the Andean center of the country.

In a statement, the Geophysical Institute said that it was possible to detect since dawn that the ash is heading west and alerted the provinces of Morona Santiago, in the Amazon, and Chimborazo, in the Andean center, of the possibility of ash rain. .

From time to time, this colossus, 5,230 meters high, generates eruptions of various magnitudes characterized by the emission of large plumes of ash and fiery lava flows that fall down its slopes.

This week, the Geophysical Institute also warned of the displacement of ash, debris and mud from the flanks of the volcano dragged by the water currents derived from the heavy rains that affect that sector.

The Sangay volcano is one of the most active in Ecuador and its last eruption was in May 2019. It is located 200 kilometers southeast of Quito, in the Cordillera Real, and its eastern flank descends to the Amazon jungle.

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