DeSantis criticizes Biden’s claim that “the pandemic is over”

Washington – President Biden was in London on Monday to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, but comments he made on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday sparked concern from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Biden, who was on “60 Minutes” on Sunday, first commented on the covid-19 pandemic:

“The pandemic is over, Biden said. “We still have a COVID problem… we are still working hard on it, but the pandemic is over.”

Governor Ron DeSantis countered the president’s comments in a tweet.

“Biden has declared that the pandemic is over, so when will he let those discharged from the military due to vaccination mandates come back to protect our country?” DeSantis asked.

The US government continues to designate COVID as a public health emergency.

According to the World Health Organization, COVID remains a “public health emergency of international concern.”

The World Health Organization states that between August 16 and September 17, 19.4 million new cases were recorded worldwide.

“During that time period, 2.5 million cases were reported in the US,” the World Health Organization said.

In response, the White House is asking Congress to allocate more than $22 billion to fight the virus.

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