Czechs mock Russian annexations in Ukraine

PRAGUE (HPD) — Czech social media users have shared satirical tweets claiming the Czech Republic has annexed the Russian territory of Kaliningrad and renamed it Královec.

It is a satire on Russia’s illegal annexation of four Ukrainian territories where Kremlin-installed authorities have held referenda that Ukraine and its allies consider illegitimate.

Even Slovak President Zuzana Caputova joked on Thursday, tweeting: “I might consider a state visit. Or not”. She then added in a serious tone: “Well done Czech friends for unmasking the absurdity of the fictitious #Russian referendums in #Ukraine.”

It was an anonymous Twitter user in Poland who started the satire about the bogus “annexation” of Kaliningrad. A Czech member of the European Parliament, Tomasz Zdechovsky, made a post about it. Since then there has been an explosion of jokes under the hashtags #Kralovec and #VisitKralovec.

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