Colombia: 27 dead in landslide, rescue work continues

BOGOTÁ (HPD) — Relief organizations in Colombia were working Monday on a road in Risaralda, in the center-west of the country, which collapsed the day before and has so far left 27 dead, five injured and several people trapped.

Among the deceased there are three minors, reported President Gustavo Petro from his Twitter account. The rescued people were transferred to different hospitals.

“Solidarity with the families of the victims, they will have comprehensive support from the National government,” added the president when confirming the death toll.

The collapse involved three vehicles, but the most affected was a public service bus that was carrying more than 20 people and was buried in the rubble of the road that connects Risaralda with the department of Chocó, in the west of the country.

The collapse occurred in the municipality of Pueblo Rico, Risaralda, where there was already a threat of mass movement due to the La Niña phenomenon that has considerably increased rainfall, which would have been one of the triggers for the tragedy, he explained in a communicated the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management.

The road, located on the slope of a mountain, was separated in two after the collapse. A team of more than 70 people worked in the rescue work supported by backhoes and light vehicles.

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