Chinese FM aims to deepen ties with Russia

BEIJING (HPD) — Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday defended his country’s position on the war in Ukraine, saying China would strengthen ties with Russia next year.

Speaking via video at a conference in the Chinese capital, Wang also blamed the United States for deteriorating relations between the world’s two largest economies, saying China has “firmly rejected the wrongful US policy toward China.”

Beijing has rejected Western pressure on trade, technology, human rights and its territorial claims to much of the western Pacific, accusing the United States of bullying. It has refused to condemn the invasion of Ukraine and join other countries in sanctioning Russia, further eroding bilateral relations and deepening a growing rift with much of Europe.

Wang said China will “deepen strategic mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation” with Russia.

“Regarding the Ukraine crisis, we have continuously upheld the fundamental principles of objectivity and impartiality, neither favoring one side nor the other, nor adding fuel to the fire, let alone seeking selfish benefits from the situation,” he said, according to an official transcript of their statements.

Although China has found common ground with Russia as both came under Western pressure, its economic future remains tied to US and European technology and markets. President Xi Jinping wants Chinese industry to become more self-sufficient, but Wang admitted that experience has shown “that China and the United States cannot separate or cut their supply chains.”

China will strive to redirect relations with Washington, he said, which he said have collapsed because “the United States has stubbornly continued to view China as its main competitor and has used blatant provocation, suppression and blockade against China.”

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