China sends 71 ​​planes and 7 ships to Taiwan in 24 hours

TAIPEI, Taiwan (HPD) — China has dispatched 71 planes and seven ships to Taiwan in a 24-hour period, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Monday, in a push toward the autonomous island after China was angered by clauses related to Taiwan in a share of US defense spending.

Chinese military harassment of Taiwan, which it considers its territory, has intensified in recent years to the point that China sends planes or ships to the island almost daily.

Between 6 a.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. Monday, 47 Chinese planes crossed the demarcation line in the Taiwan Straits, the Taiwanese ministry said.

Among the aircraft dispatched by China were 18 J-16 type jets, 11 J-1 type jets, six Su-30 type jets and drones.

Taiwan said it monitored the Chinese maneuvers through its ground-based anti-missile systems and Navy ships.

“This is a firm response to the escalation and provocation by the United States and Taiwan,” Shi Yi, a spokesman for the Chinese Army Eastern Command, said in a statement late Sunday. He announced that China will conduct naval patrols and drills around Taiwan.

Shi was referring to the US cost report, which sees China as a strategic challenge. With respect to the Indo-Pacific region, the cost statement authorizes increased defense cooperation with Taiwan and increased cooperation with India for emerging defense technologies, readiness, and logistics.


Zeke Miller contributed to this story from Washington.

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