Chile remembers third anniversary of social outbreak

SANTIAGO (HPD) — Chileans remember Tuesday the third anniversary of a social explosion followed by massive protests that led to the installation of a convention that drafted a new constitution rejected a month and a half ago by the electorate.

The main citizen demands of 2019 for improvements in health, education, pensions and more housing remain unanswered three years after the revolt that left 33 dead, more than 400 people with eye injuries, thousands with injuries and more than 3,100 complaints for violations of human rights during police repression.

The day began with incendiary barricades in some peripheral areas of the Chilean capital and during the day some demonstrations are expected, for which the government ordered 25,000 police officers to protect public order to prevent, as in previous years, hooded men from carrying out acts vandalism

President Gabriel Boric declared that after the revolt things “reached an extreme that they should not have reached”. The vandalism caused $1.4 billion in damage, according to authorities at the time, which included fires and damage to 118 subway stations, burned churches and looting of commercial premises across the country.

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