Chile: delivery of the first non-binary identity card

SANTIAGO (HPD) — Shane Cienfuegos became the first person in Chilean history to receive a non-binary identity card on Friday.

Cienfuegos, 29, head of the Social Intervention area of ​​the Organizing Trans Diversities of Chile association, obtained recognition after a bureaucratic and judicial battle that took nine years. His document identifies him with the letter X. The non-binary person does not identify with the feminine or masculine gender.

“It is not a personal victory, it is a collective victory” of the LGBT+ movement, Cienfuegos declared to the press while showing the Civil Registry card in which a letter X appears in the place where it is traditionally marked feminine or masculine.

In Latin America, Argentina was the first country to recognize all non-binary people in July 2021, those who can request their identity cards and passports with the letter X. Mexico and Colombia followed, although like Chile, they have recognized the non-binary category to a few people who achieved it by judicial means.

Worldwide among the countries that recognize the so-called third gender are Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The lawyer from Cienfuegos, Lorena Lorca, highlighted that this is the first case in Chile that has a ruling by the Court of Appeals to receive a card with the letter X, in a country that does not legally recognize non-binary people. She added that she handles 60 other similar cases, of which seven have received a favorable sentence.

Cienfuegos believed that no one should wait so long “to have legal recognition of something you are.”

He expressed his concern about the public policies of the Chilean State because, he affirms, they are directed at men or women. “I am deprived of the entire state care system,” she added.

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