Chile continues to fight fire in Viña del Mar

SANTIAGO (HPD) — The Chilean authorities continue fighting on Saturday the active sources of the fire declared Thursday in Viña del Mar that devastated inhabited areas, towns and settlements, and left two dead, 67 injured and 270 houses affected, according to the latest report. official balance.

“The level of damage to these homes will be confirmed when the collection of the Basic Emergency Files is finished,” the National Emergency Office (ONEMI) said in its latest report. According to this report, the fire is still in the category of “in combat” and has not yet been declared fully extinguished, although its voracity has decreased considerably since early Friday morning. The fire would be “contained” but not yet controlled as there are still two hot spots that could be reactivated.

The authorities also pointed out that there are places that still cannot be accessed safely.

The red alert is maintained as well as the catastrophe exception declaration issued by the government of Gabriel Boric, to mobilize all available resources for combat, recovery and reconstruction tasks.

The Chilean authorities continue to carry out a cadastre of the effects of the fire, which broke out on Thursday afternoon for causes that are still being investigated and spread rapidly in illegal settlements with light construction houses and in different points of the hills and ravines of the city and that threatened to affect the lower part of it, coming very close to Quinta Vergara, the space where the Viña del Mar Festival is traditionally held.

Many families spent the last night out in the open, along with the remains of their homes and belongings that they were able to recover, while others have lost absolutely everything that was inside their home and, also, there are cases of houses intact that miraculously remained standing against a sea of ​​destruction around him.

Chilean solidarity has also been unleashed in recent days, with many people sending diapers, food, water and various belongings for those affected who lost everything they had just a day and a half before Christmas.

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