Capitol: Deadline extended for Trump to provide documents

WASHINGTON (HPD) — The House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on Capitol Hill has extended the deadline for former President Donald Trump to produce documents as part of a subpoena issued last month, reiterating your request for face-to-face questioning.

The panel — made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans — issued a statement late Friday saying it is in communication with Trump’s lawyers. Friday was the deadline set by the commission for Trump to deliver a wide range of documents and communications with lawmakers.

“We have advised the attorney for the former president that he must begin turning over records no later than next week and that he remains subpoenaed to give his deposition as of November 14,” Chairman Bennie Thompson and Vice Chairman Liz Cheney wrote in the statement. release.

In other subpoenas, commission deadlines for document requests or depositions have generally been subject to negotiation, but only when there is a direct line of communication with the witness and their attorney.

The commission’s decision to summon Trump in late October marked an escalation of the investigation, a step lawmakers said was necessary because the former president was the “central player” in efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. The subpoena sets the stage for a possible legal showdown with Trump at a time when he is considering running for president again.

“I think he has a legal obligation to testify, but that’s not always a weighty issue with Donald Trump,” Rep. Cheney said during an event Tuesday.

In addition to requiring Trump to testify by mid-November, either on Capitol Hill or by videoconference, the commission also made 19 requests for documents and communications, including any messages Trump sent through the encrypted Signal messaging app. , “or by any other means,” to congressmen and others about the shocking events of the attack on Capitol Hill.

The breadth of the commission’s request is vast—it has requested documents from September 1, 2020, two months before the election, to the present regarding the president’s communications with groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys_, at a time when the panel is busily compiling a historical record of the lead up to the attack on the Capitol, the event itself, and the aftermath.

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