Arrested for incitement to violence in cause promotes CFK

BUENOS AIRES (HPD) — The leaders of an Argentine group that attacks the political class on social media and in street demonstrations were arrested Thursday as part of a court case investigating them for alleged incitement to violence and in which The plaintiff is Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the victim of a failed attack in September.

Jonathan Morel, Leonardo Sosa and Gastón Guerra, from the Revolution Federal group, were arrested during the raids carried out near Buenos Aires by the Airport Security Police following the order issued by federal judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi, he told The Associated Press an official familiar with the case who did not reveal his identity because it is an investigation that is under summary secrecy.

The also former president (2007-2015) was accepted on Tuesday as a plaintiff in this legal case, which has a point of contact with the attempted attack she suffered on September 1, since Brenda Uliarte -one of the four people detained for the attack by order of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti – participated in a march against Kirchnerism organized by the Federal Revolution in August.

The group, which does not define itself as a politician and feels akin to the economic liberalism advocated by the most conservative right, called for the so-called March of Torches in front of the Casa Rosada and under the slogan “jail or bullet” to the government of Peronist President Alberto Fernández and the sector led by Fernández de Kirchner, the participants threw lit torches on the fences that surround the government headquarters.

The judge who ordered the arrest of its leaders considers that they spread threats and violent messages against the vice president and other figures in the center-left political space that she leads.

A fourth person, identified as Sabrina Basile, a member of the group and daughter of Alfio “Coco” Basile – a former Boca Juniors coach, among other Argentine soccer teams, and the national team – is wanted by the police, said the official familiar with the matter. the investigation.

The former president’s lawyers maintain that there would be links between the Federal Revolution and those who tried to assassinate her and sought that the two ongoing cases be unified in the Capuchetti court, but the judge indicated that this group is not being investigated for the attack and finally an instance higher court decided that both investigations be processed separately.

The group led by Morel and Sosa, 23, has a strong presence on social networks, where it fires its darts against the political class and particularly against Kirchnerism, which it calls corrupt and incapable.

In an interview with HPD held days ago, Morel disassociated all the members of the group from the attempted attack on the former president and said he did not know Uriarte, charged as co-author of the attack.

“We never planned an attack, it was never our intention to kill anyone… We found out that the detainee was at the Torchlight March at the hours of the attack, when they said (the media) that that girl He was at the protest,” Morel said.

The young man, who owns a carpentry shop on the outskirts of the capital, also said that politicians “steal, do not think about people and remain oblivious to what the majority of society lives.” He also maintained that the verbal and street demonstrations of his group, using violent words and symbols, are “the only way we can talk about the problems we have in Argentina and make ourselves heard.”

In the case instructed by Martínez de Giorgi, among other facts, audios exchanged between Morel and another young man during a live broadcast carried out in August through the Twitter Space platform are investigated, in which they speak of the desire to infiltrate among supporters of the vice president who met at that time in the vicinity of her home in Buenos Aires, in order to make her “go down in history.”

In one of those congregations that was formed after a prosecutor requested a 12-year prison sentence for the vice president for alleged corruption, the Brazilian resident in Argentina Fernando Sabag Montiel pointed and fired a pistol at the former president, but the bullet did not come out . He was immediately arrested and Uriarte – his girlfriend and who was in the vicinity of the place – was arrested three days later.

Within the framework of the investigation into the financing of the activities of the Federal Revolution, the judge has also placed a magnifying glass on the “Espacio Añelo” and “Santa Clara del Sur” trusts that would belong to the “Caputo Hermanos” company, owned by the brothers. of Luis Caputo, former Finance Minister of the government of President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), one of the opponents of Kirchnerism.

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