A detainee in Spain for letter bombs

MADRID (HPD) — Police have detained a man suspected of sending six letter bombs containing incendiary material to the Spanish prime minister and the U.S. and Ukrainian embassies in the country, the Spanish Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

The Spanish citizen was arrested in the northern town of Miranda de Ebro and the search of his house “is being carried out,” added the statement from the Ministry.

An employee of the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid suffered minor injuries while handling one of the letters in November. That month, a team of explosives experts destroyed another device with explosive material that had been sent to the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez.

Envelopes with similar characteristics were sent to the Spanish Ministry of Defence, to a European Union satellite center located at the Torrejón de Ardoz airbase outside Madrid, and to an arms factory in northeastern Spain that produces grenades. which have been sent to Ukraine

The authorities detonated an envelope intercepted in the security control of the US embassy in December, after the police cordoned off a large area around the diplomatic headquarters, located in the center of the Spanish capital.

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