4 Russians arrested in Norway illegally taking photos

COPENHAGEN (HPD) — Four Russian citizens — three men and one woman — have been arrested in central Norway after they were caught taking photos of objects that are prohibited from being photographed, police said Monday.

Agents found “relatively extensive photographic equipment and imaging material” when ordering them to stop their car on October 11. Police did not say what they had photographed. The four arrived in Norway from Finland, according to the police, who added that the detainees claimed to be tourists. Their names were not released.

Authorities said no link has yet been established with two other cases of Russians detained elsewhere in Norway after police found them in possession of drones. Numerous drone sightings have been reported near Norwegian offshore oil and gas platforms in recent weeks.

Police declined to provide further details “due to the nature of the case.”

Security has been tightened around key power, internet and electricity infrastructure following underwater explosions last month that ruptured two natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea that were built to ship Russian gas to Germany.

The explosions occurred in both Sweden and Denmark, in international waters, but within the exclusive economic zone of both countries. Damaged Nord Stream pipelines dumped huge amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the air.

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