2 people from High Point Charged in Virginia Murder

Two High Point residents are among the suspects. High Point are among three suspects in an incident that ended in death in the last month at an apartment building outside Richmond, Virginia.

Sherard L. Wright 33 as well Natasha R. Winston, 47, both of High Point were arrested last week in connection with the July 11th loss of Matthew J. Tommaso, 33, from Chesterfield, Virginia, the Chesterfield Police Department said.

Wright was indicted for second-degree murder. Winston was accused of accessory after the fact, according to police.

The first person detained to be charged was Kali W. Bryant, 29, from Chesterfield on August. 17, and was also accused of second-degree murder.

Tommaso was killed and shot around 5 a.m. He was alive when police arrived, but he soon passed away the police reported.

Police haven’t released any other details regarding the shooting.

There is no evidence that Wright nor Winston has had any previous verdicts or convictions within North Carolina on anything more than misdemeanor charges. N.C. Department of Public Safety declares.

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